Get a Refresher on How-to-Vote!

  • Week of August 31, 2020
 Don’t give away your power - go vote.
-President Barack Obama

Voting is the single most powerful act that all-of-us can take in our democracy.  Democracy Works is making sure that all-of-us can exercise our power this November. With Zoom school and work, and our essential workers on the front lines of a global pandemic, fires, and hurricanes, and the rising racial injustice, we just might need a refresher on the basics. Democracy Works has got our backs with this super simple Works - How To Vote | Alerts. This step-by-step instruction manual explains how to register to vote, request mail-in ballots and cast ballots in each state. 

All-of-us must vote and help get the vote out this year. 

Here’s how:  

1 Not registered to vote or are not sure how to get your mail-in ballot?  Visit now and get it done in less than two minutes. 

2 Are you all set to cast your ballot and wondering how to help others?  Send this message to your network: “Not registered to vote? Can’t figure out how to get your hands on a mail-in ballot? Not sure how to deliver your mail-in ballot so that your vote is counted? Go to this website now! In less than two minutes, you’ll get all the information you need to be ready to cast your ballot so that your vote is counted this November. Do not let someone else decide this year’s critical election for you. Vote!”