End Trump’s Disasters by Making Calls for Joe + Kamala

  • Week of September 14, 2020

One of Donald Trump’s favorite words on the campaign trail was “disaster” and that’s what he delivered on every front:

  • On the health front, we are left with Trump’s Covid-19 disaster. The pandemic has hit the US the hardest because of Trump’s many failures. Trump not only ended the pandemic early warning program, despite warnings from scientists, but now we know that he intentionally lied to the American people about how deadly Covid-19 is. And the deadly lies continue--just this week he held an indoor rally in Nevada, literally killing his unmasked supporters. 

  • Trump’s economy is a disaster. From destructive tariff policies which hurt American farmers and consumers, to a tax bill which helped Wall Street over Mainstreet to his failure to address the needs of small businesses in this crisis, he has left the economy in shambles.

  • On the national security front, we are left with Trump’s repeated disasters of disrespecting our military (#TrumpHatesOurMilitary), cozying up to dictators who are killing American soldiers, and writing love letters to our enemies while insulting our allies. 

  • On the environmental front, we are left with disasters caused by climate change, which Trump continues to deny

  • On the racial and criminal justice front, we are left with Trump’s disasters caused by his addiction to divisive and racist language.

This is Trump’s disaster-filled America, and it could get so much worse. But we have 50+ days for our disaster relief efforts to pay off and end his presidency! 

Look, we get it, phone banking can be suuuupppper awkward, but it is a safe and impactful way to reach democratic and swing voters. And take it from your fellow introverted writers at Wall-of-Us, it gets easier! Robocalls don’t move the needle; live callers do. Live callers can increase turnout by 2-3%.

All-of-us must pick up the line to ensure that Biden-Harris crosses the line to victory.

Here’s how:

1 Sign up to the phone bank for the Biden campaign here

2 Pick a time or set of times to make calls from your coziest chair!

3 Invite friends to join you in making calls