Honor Justice Ginsburg by Demanding that Your Senators Delay the Vote Until After The Election

  • Week of September 28, 2020

*We know this is a long-shot, but we must make a “last-Mitch” effort to save this seat! 

“One way for Democrats to make clear they will not tolerate Republicans trying to fill this seat in advance of the election would be for them to pledge that, if they take the White House and Senate in November, they will increase the size of the Supreme Court to 13 justices.”
Erwin Chemerinsky 

When Justice Scalia passed away in February of 2016, over eight months before the 2016 election, the Republicans in the Senate refused to even hold a hearing on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, arguing that it was too close to an election. With the election just 37 days away, on Saturday September 26th, Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Court. We need not get to the merits of Judge Barrett’s nomination - the process is underhanded and unjust.

All-of-us must call our senators and ask them to reject this process. 

Here's how:

1 Watch and share this video to inspire others to take action.

2 Read this opinion from University of California, Berkeley Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky who argues that, if the Republicans move forward with this nomination, the Democrats will be left with no choice but to add four new Supreme Court seats once in power. We agree that it shouldn’t have to get to this, but here we are.

3 Wanna get more fired up -- watch + share this video of Senator Klobuchar.

4 Contact your senators. If your senators are Democrats, ask them to emphasize that the Democrats are ready to expand the court if we take control of the Senate. If your senators are Republicans, make sure they know the stakes are high. Use these helpful tools from our friends at Indivisible: