Make a Plan for Early Voting This Week

  • Week of October 5, 2020

California, Iowa, Maine, Montana, Nebraska and South Carolina, Indiana and Ohio, Arizona, New Hampshire, Georgia: it’s time to turn up and turn out for early voting in your state starting this week. 

All-of-us know that Trump the GOP are doing all they can to prevent us from voting. We also know there will be historic turnout on Election Day, with less polling places and long lines due to corrupt Republican officials and Covid-19, not to mention all of Trump’s dog whistle abiding “poll watchers”. 

All-of-us must nip that in the budd and get our votes in early:

Here’s how:

1 Check your state’s early voting date and rules around voting in your state using the NYT election calendar

2 Review this quick list to what’s on tap over the next week:

  • Oct. 5: California, Iowa, Maine, Montana, Nebraska and South Carolina
  • Oct. 6: Indiana and Ohio
  • Oct. 7: Arizona
  • Oct. 10: New Hampshire
  • Oct. 12: Georgia
 Since you’ve been an early bird, you can tweet about it! Then inspire and/or guilt (yup!) your friends to share their voting plans by sharing your voting plan on social media with these graphics. (Not into social? No problem -- this strategy works just as well over email, text, or a good old fashioned telephone call.)