Avoid a Scary Outcome + Volunteer this Halloween Weekend

  • Week of October 31, 2020

We’re all going to be scared this Halloween weekend, but to avoid a scary outcome on November 3rd, all-of-us must volunteer. 

In 2018, Swing Left led a coalition of progressive organizations (including Wall-of-Us of course!) to pull out all the stops during the last weekends before the election. We are still riding high on that amazing blue wave! And, as you know, this year the stakes are even higher. Given that voter suppression is at an all-time high, it’s going to take all we have to ensure victory. So let’s come out swinging (left) on October 31-Nov 1st.

Here’s how: 

1 Sign up to volunteer at thelastweekends.org/wallofus (Signing up will connect you with the highest impact opportunities. This does not require you to go out and knock doors! Opportunities include phone banking, letter writing - even training support.)

2 Share your participation on social media.

3 Talk to your friends & family to create a Last Weekend volunteer group.