Make a Plan to Visit Your Members of Congress in February

  • Week of February 12, 2017

All-of-us are turning out IRL (In Real Life) in record numbers to tell our Members of Congress what we think. Jason Chaffetz was greeted with this scene at his recent town hall meeting outside of Salt Lake City:

He ditched the meeting an hour early.

Other members of Congress are also trying hard to avoid all-of-us. A Rep in Ohio held a super secret, invite-only event that he tried to pass off as a “town hall”; another in Alabama pretended to cancel his meeting altogether and then got a little surprise when we still showed up.

All-of-us have shown up--and will continue to show up. It is making a difference. Plan to pay a visit to your Members of Congress in your home district during the recess between February 18 and 26. 

Here's how:

1. Find out when the next town hall meeting for your two Senators and one Representative are, put the dates in your calendar, and make plans to show up (ProTip: asking a buddy to go with you will increase your chances of follow through). 

Check for dates and times at Town Hall Project 2018. Not all town halls are on that list. So sign up for Voterheads to get notified of stuff happening in your district. Once you find out when yours is, let Town Hall Project know.

Or go to your MoC’s home page and look up their info. You can find your MoC list here.

2. Before you go, do a little research. You can study this handy list from FiveThirtyEight that shows if your Members of Congress are voting with Trump or against him, or how they are voting on certain appointments or issues.

3. You can also consult the Indivisible Guide Chapter Four for tips on visiting your MoC.