point out the elephants who are not in the room

  • Week of February 19, 2017

February 18–26 is the first recess of the 115th Congress. As we said last week, it is prime time for all-of-us to get cozy with our MoC. Great job tracking your town hall and getting your questions ready to go! But we have bad (and kinda funny) news for many of you. Anticipating a wall-of-us in their home districts, over 200 Republicans have gone into hiding instead of hosting town halls.

All-of-us must point out the elephants not in the room.

Here’s how:

1. Share these posters on social media (make sure to tag your MoC), or print them and plaster them all over town. Email them to your local media. Or got tech skills? Create a poster for your MoC like this one we created for Congressman Rob Woodall. Email your poster to contact@wall-of-us and we will share for others to use.

2. If your MoC is hiding, hold your own town hall (others are) and tell your local media. Here is a sample press release.

3. If your MoC is not hiding, show up this week! Find an event on Resistance Recess or Town Hall Project.

Either way, check out the Reclaim Recess Toolkit by Indivisible.

4. Share a pic or a video of your resistance recess strategy in action on social and use the hashtags #resistancerecess #WallofUs