Ask Your City to Follow Seattle’s Lead and Defund DAPL

  • Week of February 26, 2017

Trump has been consistent in his support of the Dakota Access Pipeline for at least the past six years:

His focus--jobs and cheap gas prices. The pipeline would destroy our environment and is a land grab of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe land and water sources. Trump doesn't care because he is a climate change denier who repeatedly disrespects the rights of minorities. That's why on January 24th Trump proudly tweeted that he signed an Executive Order to move forward with the construction of the pipeline. 

But the resistance is using one of our strongest activism tools--divestment. It’s working. Over $54 million has been divested from the pipeline. Wall-of-Us wants to thank Seattle for being the first city to divest from Wells Fargo for its backing of the DAPL pipeline! Inspired by Seattle’s leadership, this week we are asking all-of-us to put pressure on our local governments. So far, only Davis, California has followed Seattle’s lead. Elected officials in other cities including Boulder, Colorado; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Portland, Oregon have indicated they may divest too. Thousands of cities to go, but all-of-us can do it. 

Here’s how:

1. Read this summary of key moments in the DAPL fight. 

2. Find your city council members on your local city site or here.

3. Contact your city council members and ask them to follow Seattle’s lead and divest. Tell your local officials that you will be contacting your local media to cover this important story. 
Say this: "We are impressed with the leadership position that the City of Seattle recently took in unanimously enacting a local ordinance to divest in Wells Fargo because it is funding the Dakota Access Pipeline. I live in and pay taxes to the City of [_______________]. I would like to know if [_____________] is currently addressing whether it is investing in the Dakota Access Pipeline. I don’t want our taxpayer dollars to be supporting a pipeline that hurts the environment and the people of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe."

4. Contact your local media and ask them to cover your city’s position on this issue.