Resist the GOP’s (Un)Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA)

  • Week of March 12, 2017

Last Tuesday, the GOP unveiled its health care bill, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and by Friday, it had cleared two congressional committees. It’s a mess. According to doctors, hospitals, and insurers, the bill would leave behind millions of Americans. As our friends at Rise Together put it: “We now know why the Republicans left the word “affordable” out of the name of their health care legislation....[] It will send the cost of health care through the roof” by creating a tax credit system that benefits the rich while leaving the poor unable to afford care.”     

This is literally a matter of life and death for many Americans. All-of-us must stop Trumpcare, because Trump don’t care.

Here’s how: 

If you have ten minutes:

1. Call each of your three Members of Congress and tell them you oppose the AHCA. Say this:

“I’m _[name]____ from __[zipcode]_____. I’m calling to express my opposition to the Republican’s new AHCA bill.  I strongly oppose it and its creation of a tax credit system to replace Medicaid expansion that benefits the rich while leaving the poor unable to afford care. “ If you happen to have a smartphone, you can install 5 Calls’ auto-dialer (iOS, Android) to make it easy. 

When you call, please share any personal stories you have about how the ACA has affected you or your loved ones.  

Please try to do this by Tuesday, March 14th. This is moving quickly! Remember that you can call outside of work hours and leave a message. 

If you have a few hours:

2. Check out if your MoCs is having a Town Hall using this tool or consulting your members’ websites. If you can make it, RSVP and put the time in your calendar.