Take a Mini Civics Lesson to Save the ACA

  • Week of March 12, 2017

So, now that Trumpcare has been introduced and cleared a few committees, what’s next?
The plan is getting poor reviews from key constituents, and even from Republicans. But Trump and GOP leadership are not stopping, and to the contrary, as our friends at Rise Together tell us, “Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are trying to force a vote on their plan that will put millions of lives at risk. As of now, the House Floor Vote is scheduled for March 23, and the Senate floor vote could be the following week.  The next three weeks will shape millions of lives and years to come.”

We’re not going to stop either. But we are going to take a moment to be strategic about it. If you need a refresher on how a bill becomes a law (and we did), take some time. There’s no quiz but by the end, you should be able to explain at your next cocktail party what a House Floor vote is? Senate floor vote? How does my district fit in? 

All-of-us should set aside 10-20 minutes this week to:

1. Watch this 3-minute Schoolhouse Rock classic, how a bill becomes a law

2. Read this 2-page Legislative Process 101 document Indivisible has prepared to demystify the law-making process.

3. Look up your district in this report prepared by Congressional staffer to understand how the AHCA would impact your district.  (Though the report is long, the section about your district will be shorter).