Convince Your City to Join the Wall-of-Us by Divesting in Trump’s Wall

  • Week of March 19, 2017

According to the Congressional Budget Office, a stunning 24 million would lose their health care under Trump(Don’t)Care, introduced a few weeks ago. We cannot let this happen. A critical vote is coming up this Thursday. 17 Republicans have indicated that they would likely vote against Trump(Don’t)Care, but five more votes are needed. Make sure your representative knows your position. 

By Wednesday (the vote is on Thursday), all-of-us must:

1. Think about what losing the ACA (and paying higher premiums or losing care) would mean to you and your loved ones. Check out the impact to your state (scroll down to the bottom) or here. If you live in Alaska, Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, or West Virginia, see your state’s guide. (5 minutes)

2. Contact your House Representatives (Don’t be discouraged if you’re in a blue area - blue staffers have said, calls to them are working). Try one of the many cool new tools. Start with what’s below and add your own story. (2 calls: 5 minutes. Visit: 3 hours)

“I’m _[name]____ from __[zipcode]_____. I’m calling to express my opposition to the Republican’s new AHCA bill and to urge Congressperson _____ to vote against it during this Thursday’s House vote.  I strongly oppose its creation of a tax credit system to replace Medicaid expansion that benefits the rich while leaving the poor unable to afford care and because [add your personal story]____ . “

3. If you live in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and West Virginia, post this graphic showing how many would lose care in your state. (2 minutes)