Stand up for Science

  • Week of March 19, 2017

Science is a non-partisan issue. You don’t have to be “red” or “blue” to be blown away by images from the Hubble telescope, enjoy clean air, or benefit from the scientific and technological advances that led to you being able to check the weather or read this on your phone, or computer. Facts are also non-partisan, and here they are: So far, the Trump Administration has moved to fill only one of 46 key science and technology positions that are needed to help the government deal with scientific risk. Trump’s first budget proposal features deep cuts to many science agencies but in particular the EPA and NIH.

Science advances the public good and so the public must advance science. That’s why we are asking you to prepare to lace up your shoes and join the The March for Science or one of the 360+ sister marches next month on Earth Day, April 22nd. Yes, we know that is a few weeks away, but in honor of our scientists, we want to plan ahead! 

This week, all-of-us must:

1. Sign up to attend the March for Science in DC or Seattle or one of the 360+ sister marches worldwide. (2 minutes)

2. If there isn’t an event near you, organize one yourself! Set up a Facebook event, post it on various social media sites (Twitter, Instagram etc.), or use another organizing tool--and let the people at March for Science know about it! (5 minutes)

3. Like + share the March for Science Facebook page. Follow March for Science on Twitter. (1 minute)

4. Call out climate change denying Members of Congress on Twitter. Use this tool created by Organizing for America. (2 minutes)