Ask Your Representatives to Shine a Light on Trump's Shady Dealings with Russia

  • Week of March 26, 2017

If you read Action 2, you now see that Trump tried to distract us with his false accusation that Obama wiretapped him. Well, it ain't gonna work. What is working, however, is the Wall-of-Us! We stopped Michael Flynn, who resigned after we pushed for his ouster. We then got Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the investigations. But we're not done yet. Facts are stubborn things and so are all-of-us.

That's why we will keep our focus on Trump's dealings with Russia. This week all-of-us must demand a full investigation by an independent and non-partisan commission. The House Intelligence Committee is falling short. As The Washington Post reported, the White House used members of Congressional intelligence committees to do its bidding to "counter" claims on Russia. The Chairman of the committee, Devin Nunes, broke with clear protocol and shared pertinent information with the White House before sharing it with the intelligence committee! Republican Senator John McCain agrees--he said that a special committee was needed because the House Intelligence Committee lost "the credibility to handle this alone." We must take action to protect our democracy from foreign influence.

Here’s how:

1.  Take a look at this chart to see if your representatives have publicly supported an independent committee. If they have, your work is done (although you could call to thank them). If they have not, Call your Representatives and ask them to publicly support a select committee to independently investigate Trump’s ties to Russia. Here is a list of Representatives who are on the House Intelligence Committee. Use this script. (5 minutes)

2. Share what you learn! Help us fill out this chart, which tracks which representatives are speaking out publicly. Include links to your sources (i.e. the member of Congress’ website or press release). (3 minutes)