Use the Intel You Gathered Last Week on Russia

  • Week of April 2, 2017

Great job on sharing intel last week on your Representative’s position on an independent investigation of Russia's involvement in our election! Based on your responses, we created this tool (with the help of our friends at Rag Tag) so you can easily see if your Representative wants to protect Trump or our democracy. 

It's clear the American people need an independent committee. Especially since this week the House Intelligence Committee proved to be made of cards, led by Republican Representative Nunes, a partisan joker. This should be no surprise given that Nunes was a member of Trump’s transition team--and it's clear whose team he still plays on. Nunes is refusing to step down from the House Intelligence Committee, which is coming crashing down around him.

As the House Intelligence Committee falls, the Senate is trying to keep the faith of the American people alive. As Republican Senator Susan Collins stated, “I worry that the chaos on the House side has affected the public’s view on whether Congress can credibly investigate this matter...”.

We’re worried too! Nunes’ shady dealings with a White House he is investigating undermines a Republican controlled Congress’ ability to investigate a Republican President. The Senate committee is appearing to be legit, but the stakes are just too high to take any chances. That’s why this week we are going to keep pushing for an independent investigation, and turn our focus to the Senate. 

Several Senators have already pressed for appointing a "select" committee to independently investigate Russia. Senator John McCain pointed out that pressure is mounting and a recent Quinnipiac poll found that 66% of Americans support an independent investigation.

All-of-us must keep up the pressure on.

Here’s how:

1. Ask your Senator to cosponsor S. 27, which would create an independent commission to investigate Russian interference in our election and democracy. (5 minutes)

2. Look at the tool we all created to see what your Representative's stance is. (2 minutes)

3. Contact your local media, and send them a link to our tool. (10 minutes)

If you MoC does not support an independent investigation, say something like: “Our Rep / Senator _____’s does not support an independent investigation of Trump's dealings with Russia. I am so disappointed. What will your news organization do to shine a light on this threat to our country and democracy?”

4. Post and share this Chicago Tribune Op-Ed from a former CIA member explaining why it's so important to have an independent investigation. Tag your Members of Congress. (5 minutes)