Get Georgia (and Kansas) Back on Our Minds

  • Week of April 9, 2017

Remember a few weeks ago when we asked you to keep Georgia on your mind because Democrat Jon Ossoff was running in a special election for the House of Representatives? If you don’t, we get it - a lot of “we-so-wish-it-were-fake-news” has happened since then. Just last week Republicans went nuclear on Gorsuch (boo), Steve Bannon was removed from the National Security Council (yay), and Nunes stepped down from the House Intelligence Committee (yay). It’s hard to stay focused, and that’s why we’re here - to remind all-of-us when we must switch our focus to electing leaders that represent our values. Turns out we don’t have to wait for 2018 midterms elections, because this week there are two key elections happening in Georgia and in Kansas.

Here is a refresher on Georgia:

  • Trump nominated Tom Price to head the Department of Health and Human Services, which vacated a seat in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. 
  • On April 18th, Democrat Jon Ossoff and seventeen other candidates (Republicans, Democrats and Independents) will vie for the Republican seat vacated by Tom Price.  If no candidate gets more than fifty percent of the vote then there will be a runoff in June. 
  • The district is Republican, but Trump’s lead was only 1.5 percent against Clinton in 2016, shrunk down from a 23.3 percent Democratic loss in 2012. This signals a shift to the left. 
  • Ossoff has raised an unprecedented amount of money, causing the Republicans to totally freak out and run attack ads.

Since March, our grassroots organizing, donations, and calls have helped Ossoff do so well that there is a sliver of hope that he will take the entire (peach) pie on April 18th, avoiding a run off. 

Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s something brewing in Kansas:

  • On April 11, there will be a special election for the House seat vacated by Mike Pompeo, a tea party stalwart tapped by Trump to head the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • James Thompson, civil rights attorney from Wichita, is the Democratic candidate. 
  • Early voting showing higher-than-normal Democratic turnout in the predominantly Republican district suggests that Republicans have reason to be worried. Republicans are pouring money into the election, obviously worried that it’s close.

It’s a long shot in a very red district. And there are only a few days left before the election on April 11. But we’ll take every opportunity we can to give the GOP a good scare, right? All-of-us must work to flip Kansas and Georgia blue.

Here’s how:

1. Phone bank for James Thompson on before Tuesday's election. Go to here to sign up. Or go to Facebook or Eventbrite to look for phone banking opportunities in your area (try the search “phone bank james thompson kansas”). (a few hours, must be done before the election on Tuesday).

2. In the week ahead, phone bank for Ossoff. Sign up here. You can also
go to Facebook or Eventbrite to look for other phone banking opportunities in your area by searching “phone bank ossoff”. (a few hours)

3. Donate to Ossoff - bonus, you can support both Ossoff and Wall-of-Us in one step here.