Get Ready to Show up for Spring Recess

  • Week of April 9, 2017

It’s spring break. What does that mean? You guessed it: Town Hall time!

Congress is in recess April 10-21, which means that our Members of Congress are coming home to their districts to meet with all-of-us (whether they want to or not). And we’ve got a lot to talk about, including the budget, the ongoing attempt to repeal Obamacare, taxes, the environment, ethics, Russia ... need we go on? In case you forgot how much fun we had - and how much progress we made - last recess, take a sec to refresh your memory. Let’s do that again, and pump up the volume even more.

Here’s how:

1. Find your town hall at RiseStronger or at Town Hall Project.  (5 minutes)

2. At your visit, ask very direct and brief questions to allow as many constituents as possible to voice their concerns. Here are some sample questions, which you can modify depending on what issues you are most passionate about and where your Member of Congress stands. (a few hours)

3. Tell us by filling out this form if your MoC is wimping out on a town hall, or you have other intel to share. We will make sure to share all of the elephants who are not in the room with media. (5 minutes)