Celebrate Earth Day By Marching for Science

  • Week of April 16, 2017
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
— Isaac Newton

On Thursday, the Trump Administration continued its assault on science and the environment. EPA head Scott Pruitt called for US withdrawal from the historic, decades-in-the-making, nearly 200-country Paris Accords to fight climate change. This follows a number of acts which would be, in the words of former Obama White House Science Advisor John Holdren, “a severe setback for international relations and America’s standing in the world” and many scientific priorities. (Trump hasn’t bothered to appoint a science advisor.)

These acts include muzzling government scientists, slashing science budgets, and moving to dismantle President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and other environmental protections. 

In keeping with our promise to bring you the most effective actions you can take to stand with science, we’ve partnered with Rise Stronger and the March for Science to craft this week’s actions. While Trump can always return to the planet he is from, all-of-us must take action to protect ours. 

Here’s how:

1. Stand with science and the environment by commenting to the EPA here. The EPA is asking for public comment about the existing environmental protections it’s moving to dismantle. If you want a policy expert to help craft a comment or want to join environment/science policy working groups to be a watchdog against Trump, email Rise Stronger. (5-20 minutes)

2. Register to participate (physically or virtually) to March for Science on April 22 in DC or any of the almost 500 satellite marches around the world. (3 minutes)

3.  If you’re making travel plans to a March for Science on the 22nd, make plans to offset your carbon footprint with this tool by Cool Effect. (5 minutes)
4. Donate to the March to support the movement of science advocacy. (1-3 minutes)