Turn Big Sky Country Blue

  • Week of April 16, 2017

When is a loss a win? When the Democrat all-of-us supported in the Kansas (KS-04) special election last week came up only 7 points short of winning, in one of the reddest districts in the nation. The previous Republican won this district by over 30 points - that’s more than a 20 point swing. Kansas sent a loud message to the whole country that ‘safe GOP districts’ may be a thing of the past. If all districts swing 20 points there will be a blue wave of over 100 seats.

Meanwhile over in one of those “safe” GOP districts - the 6th congressional district of Georgia - Democrat Jon Ossoff is coming in hot to the special election slated for Tuesday, April 18. Thanks in part to all-of-us pulling out all the stops, Democrats have a real chance to flip the district.

What now? Big Sky Country is the next big battlefield. Rob Quist, a ‘‘cowboy hat wearing hippie" and Bernie Sanders supporter, wants to flip Montana blue as the Democratic candidate in May 25's special election. Democrats have not won Montana’s sole House seat since 1996. But the state’s Democratic Party has recently won other statewide offices. All-of-us must make sure the House is next.

Here's how: 
1. Read this article and this one about the state of the house and what these special elections mean now and for the 2018 elections. (15 minutes)

2. Donate money to help Quist in Montana and to help us build the Wall-of-Us. (5 minutes)

3 GOTV! (Get out the vote) for Quist, and do some phone banking. There are shifts this week.  (30 minutes-several hours depending on your time)