Understand the Budget Process to Stop Trump from Defunding Science

  • Week of April 23, 2017
We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology.
— Carl Sagan

Science is real. So are the dollars necessary to fund it. 

Trump has already proposed deep cuts to many federal programs that protect our environment. In this brave new world where climate-change deniers run our government, all-of-us must step up to ensure that our lawmakers prioritize funding scientific research.  

The budget appropriations process is complex (and kinda boring), causing most of to ignore it. But we can’t--don't forget that the budget is funded by our tax payer dollars. That’s why this week we flexed our policy wonk and instructional design muscle to create a video that explains the federal budget process, how it will affect funding of science, and how we can take action.

After all, it was a scientist (Carl Sagan) who reminded us that we are all made of star stuff. All-of-us must live up to that truth and be stars for science.

Here’s how:

1. Watch our video, The Science of Federal Budgets: (6 minutes)

2. We will remind you when to call your Members of Congress about the budget. For now, research what committees and subcommittees your MoCs are one. Use this tool for your senators and this one for your representatives. (5 minutes)

3. Visit the March for Science website and following their week of action.