Ask Corporate Sponsors to Boycott Trump’s Golf Resorts

  • Week of April 23, 2017

The O’Reilly Factor was cancelled because Bill O’Reilly failed to factor the power of our collective voice into his poor decisions. The swift fall of Trump’s buddy proves once again that corporate sponsors listen to all-of-us. As Mercedes spokeswoman Donna Boland said

“Given the importance of women in every aspect of our business, we don’t feel this is a good environment in which to advertise our products right now.”

We thank corporate leaders like Mercedes for standing with women, but we are just getting started. You know what other swampy environment advertisers should avoid? Trump golf courses! Those golf courses are not a good environment for advertisters because of Trump’s repeated attacks on women (which he has bragged about) and his unsolicited defense of O’Reilly (“I don’t think Bill did anything wrong”). But the success of the Trump brand also depends on support from consumers and advertisers.

You may have missed this, but the second the media turned a blind eye, Trump tweaked his fake blind trust so he can pull money out of his businesses at any time without disclosing it to all-of-us. Trump’s 18 luxury golf courses make up a major percentage of his assets and are valued at $620 million.

Remember that the US Women’s Open is in mid-July at Trump National in Bedminster, NJ, and the event has 4 sponsors: Lexus, AmericanExpress, Rolex, and Deloitte. We promised to keep beating this drum, so in the past month, we partnered with a few Twitter groups (Alt USGA, Golfers Opposing Bigotry, and @DIVEST_45) to help reveal the corporate sponsors that are enabling misogyny and kleptocracy. With the wind of the O’Reilly's fall at our backs, all-of-us must crank up the volume.

Here’s how:

1. Call the USGA’s corporate sponsors. Use this resource.

2. Make some noise on Twitter. Use this resource.