Demand Privacy for All-of-Us and Transparency for the President (Not the Other Way Around)

  • Week of April 23, 2017

Trump sure likes his privacy. He refuses to release his taxes, he won’t disclose when he is withdrawing money from his businesses, and now he is refusing to release his White House visitor logs. But what's good for the Donald is apparently not good for all-of-us. While Trump refuses to reveal anything, he is assaulting the privacy of American citizens and guests to our country. First he signed a bill allowing ISPs to sell our browsing history. Now he’s threatening to force travelers to the United States to hand over passwords to their social media accounts.

Well, it's no secret that DT's policies are not cool. And all-of-us must resist his attacks on our privacy.

Here's how:

1. Read up on Trump’s attempts to protect his privacy and his attempts to destroy ours with these three articles from The Hill, NBC News, and Politico. (10 minutes)

2. Resist Trump’s brazenly unconstitutional attempt to steal personal passwords. Join the ACLU and many other organizations by signing this petition which will be delivered to the Secretary of Homeland Security. (1 minute)

3. Protect your private data. We collaborated with Peter Linde, an IT security expert, who created these helpful tips in his article entitled “Trump just baked you a plate of Zombie cookies."